Gold River Catahoulas

                                                          Welcome To Gold River Catahoulas!

Gold River Catahoulas is a certified NALC breeder located near Sacramento, California. Our goal is to breed Catahoulas with good working ability, temperament and conformation. Working ability is first and foremost - it is what separates the Catahoula from many other breeds. While our dogs are not used on stock on a daily basis, we do compete in working trials (cow dog trials, hog bay trials and treeing trials) to evaluate the drive and ability of each of our dogs. (Check out their individual accomplishments page.)

We currently have two females and two males. We believe in quality, not quantity!  All of our puppies are BAER (hearing) and CERF (eye) tested.  A Catahoula is not for everyone. If you have questions about the breed or are interested in a Catahoula, you are welcome to contact me. I can refer you to a reputable breeder or help you find a dog that needs a home.

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